Karen & Christy inspire anyone in education to be the LEADER all of our students need.  Being a "Modern Leader" is not just reserved for principals.  We believe in order for students to come first in our decision making, adults must also feel connected  and systems must be in place for all to be supported.  This is how you create a school culture that allows all to thrive.  Powerful school culture is the silent change agent separating good from great, but takes intentional focus on relationships and systems to be improved.  This message empowers everyone to start where you can: your classroom, your hallway, your team, your school, your community! 

Keynote address or workshop with your school, district or administrative team.



Disrupt the cycle of negativity surrounding behavior in your school.  Christy & Karen work with school and district leaders to transform your approach to behavior management.  We combine systems thinking with intentional relationship building strategies to shift adult mindsets and alter your building's climate.  This is not a quick fix, but rather an inside out approach to philosophical and permanent change.  Creating a student-centered discipline approach that is trauma responsive and based on restorative principles takes long-term strategic planning.    We want adults to feel empowered to change student behavior in the short-term but also give your building lead team a clear path to creating a school that provides all students with the skills they need to catapult them to success.


Key note address or workshop session with your school, district or administrative team.



Ever feel like you are doing everything and, simultaneously, nothing at the same time?

The best way to truly expand your impact as a school administrator is to lead with intention and empower OTHERS to do the same.  We believe the combination of meaningful relationships and intentional systems help take shared leadership off the philosophical page and into action.   Through the use of intentional task forces and building teams, Christy & Karen help administrators create a network that give teachers voice & autonomy, as well as true decision making authority.  Move your building forward by developing teacher leaders!


Workshop session with your school or district administrative lead team.



Not sure when to take on the next challenge or career jump? Want to explore how to broaden your impact even further? Getting ready to apply for positions and want to have experts coach and guide your resume & interview prep? Karen & Christy will help you discover  YOUR leadership strengths and teach you how to highlight those assets in your current role as well as future interviews. 

One hour private or small group consultations.

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