TMP Admin Spotlight: Amanda Spight

This cool chick balances being the mom of an early ed son while leading an early ed school. She is a Conscious Discipline guru and trains staff and students alike to build their skills to become more conscious. What's not to love and admire? Ladies and #EduQueens, here's our Principal's Month Admin Spotlight for Amanda Spight!

What's the number one root problem you are currently working to solve?

Without a question, my passion is helping adults understand that social emotional learning, soft skills, TSS or whatever buzz word you use isn't about what you do to children. It truly is a journey of looking inward examining your triggers, bias, and growing to be more conscious. You can't teach skills that you don't possess!

How do you personally connect with staff members? Every morning I make "my rounds" and visit every classroom. During this time, I greet staff and students. Now that we are in the second quarter I am looking to do "Two Minute Interviews." The questions on the interview go deeper. For example: Who is someone you greatly admire? What's your proudest achievement thus far? What is something you own that is very special to you? Why?

What is your 'philosophy' on how to have difficult and direct conversations with staff? Truth and Grace -- Earlier in my career I would sugar coat conversations or apologize for having to do so. My perspective has changed as I have grown in my own leadership. In Dare to Lead Brene Brown says, "Clear is kind". That quote deeply resonated with me. Now when the conversation comes it's from a place of grace and truth -- I care enough about you as person to bring this to your attention and support you in growing through it. I also make sure to continuously make emotional deposits (I have a spreadsheet to track when I write staff cards of gratitude).

What's your easiest/best tip for looking fly? You can never be over dressed! When I first became an admin I was VERY young and thought I needed to dress to look the part. In my mind, that meant I couldn't dress trendy or stylish cue buttoned up shirts everyday that were not fitted :/. Now I say be confident and wear what works for your sense of style and body type. I describe my work looks as professional but sassy. I'm really into animal print right now and consider it a neutral. 


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