TMP Admin Spotlight: Kyle Nix & Hayley Richardson

Kyle Nix and Hayley Richardson live the admin dream of being friends and serving as assistant principals in the same high school building. They both have two young kids and pride themselves on fitness - they often share their marathon training and barre classes in their Insta stories! We wanted to highlight this dynamic duo in our Principal's Month Admin Spotlight and hope you find them as charming and down-to-earth as we do!

How do you promote equity in your building?

We have very structured policies and procedures at our school and we hold our students and teachers accountable for them.  Most of our policies are school-wide, there are very few, if any, things that we do that are specific to one or two groups. 

What's the number one root problem you are currently working to solve?

Culture building is something that is really important to both of us.  We have a good culture at LHS, but we are hoping to move it to a great one.  We would like to see more community involvement in the school as well as more involvement of our students in our community.  We want our students and teachers to have a well-rounded experience at LHS where strong academics and strong culture are combined.

How do you personally connect with staff members?

We are very involved in everything LHS, whether it be athletic events, fine arts performances, or attending teacher-led professional development.  We like our staff members to know that we value and support them because they work hard for our school and our students.  We aren't afraid to "get in the trenches" with our teachers since we are all in this together.  Treats and kind words are always helpful too...sometimes a smile goes a long way!

What is your 'philosophy' on how to have difficult and direct conversations with staff? We believe that every conversation needs to be approached open-minded and with clear intentions.  Most people don't do things wrong because they want to, they have some sort of reasoning behind their actions.  We want to give them the opportunity to explain themselves, but also make sure they are clear on the correct way to do things.  If you approach a difficult conversation like a bulldog, you're more likely to have forced compliance as opposed to willing compliance.

What's your easiest/best tip for looking fly? Or your favorite must have item right now!

According to Kyle, it's all about a neutral-colored pump.  Heels make everything cuter and more professional!  According to Hayley, accessories tie an outfit together.  The right necklace or earrings can pack the right amount of personality into the look you're going for. 


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