Community & Culture: Staff

Building staff culture isn't a one-stop shop! Use these templates and ideas to seamlessly build in staff community into the daily rhythms of your school day! 

Fun Fridays Organizer

Celebrate staff members weekly using Fun Fridays! This organizer will help you keep it all together with shopping and recognizing. Pair this with the Weekly Enneagram Activities and/or Staff Lounge Activities to make it extra memorable for your team!

40 Connecting Activities to Start Your Staff Meetings

Check out these free and 5-minutes-or-less activities to open your staff meetings and other gatherings. Guaranteed to be cheese-free and actually fun!

Weekly Enneagram Staff Activities

If you follow along with us, you know we LOVE using the enneagram with our staff to better understand each other and work together. Here are weekly activities to do in the lounge or at staff meetings to continue the learning! 

Monthly Morale Organizer

Get help organizing a monthly morale activity from other staff members! This template will give you the ideas and the sign-up sheet.